The volcanic mountains Lokon (1,580 m) and Mahawu (1,311 m) both have crater lakes of considerable beauty. Lokon is considered the more beautiful of the two but Mahawu is safer to climb. The trip to the top of Lokon should be made only by climbers in reasonable condition. The steaming crater lies 600 m below the peak of the mountain and the lake is about 60 m deep. The best time to start walking from Kakaskasen is 7 AM and it is possible to arrive at the crater while the morning is still cool.

Located in Kali Village, Pineleng, about 10 km from Manado, this natural 60 m waterfall is an ideal place to enjoy nature and fresh water pools at the base of the falls. It is easily reachable from Manado by public transportation followed by a short 30 - 45 minute hike past the village.

A small, highly sulphurous lake of 35 Ha,which bubbles at the edges and has steam jets.The lake changes color, depending upon the light and viewing perspective, to shades of light blue, green, or turquoise.Take a microlet from the Tomohon bus terminal, get off at the intersection at the lake, and walk ( about 700 m ) along the access road to the lake from Lahendong village.

This village is a center for traditional Minahasan wooden house-building. It is located just a few km from Tomohon.

Both these villages were launched as village and community based model tourism villages. They are located approximately 30 km from Manado, and can be reached by bus. The abundance of flowers, cash crops, cool fresh air and the beautiful view to Lake Tondano and Bitung Habour make both of these villages an interesting stop. The villages have convenient homestays as well as a cultural performance stage.

A large scenic lake with clear water, overlooking the Lembean mountain ranges. This 4,278 Ha lake is surrounded by picturesque villages, rice fields and in some parts, green hills. Its abundant fish provide a livelihood for the native population nearby.Good for boating, fishing, and water skiing.

The name "Ranopaso" means hot water. Hot springs are scattered across this lovely area of traditional villages. Located in Koya Villages, 3 km from Tondano, it is worth a visit.

This village has a pottery industry. It is located just a few km from Tondano.

Pinabetengan village, about 50 km from Manado, is the home to this ancient stone, shaped like a table. It measures 4 m long by 2 m high and is one of the remnants left by the Minahasan tribes where they negotiated the territorial division and unification. Pictography carvings on the stone have not yet been deciphered.

Located near Sonder Village. Rafting on the Minanga River is becoming more and more popular for sport enthusiasts. It offers a variety of white water rafting challenges with difficulty levels from 3-4. This river has also two waterfalls, one in Tincep village with a height of 70 m and the other in Timbukar village with a height of 90 m.

This arena is located in Tompaso. Horse racing events are regularly held here.


There are a lot more to see and experience within the area of Minahasa and beyond in North Sulawesi to ensure your visit absolutely not a waste of time.