Gecko Artshop & Gallery

Gecko Artshop & Gallery is located on the main road very near to Indraloka hotspring swimming pool, 500 meters down from the bungalow. It is selling things from tiny handicrafts as souvenirs to big art furnitures as well as gazebos which representing Indonesian art and culture, especially Minahasa and Lombok while the second floor is a restaurant offering delicious Chinesse and Indonesian food.

Meet the carvers and watch them doing the carvings on stone and wood. Make yourself an artist by taking a short carving course conducted by the experts and bring your creation as souvenir back home.
If you do like collecting specific handicrafts from every place you visit, then Gecko Artshop & Gallery is the perfect place for you.

Onong, The Owner

This cool and relaxed fellow is originally from Lombok. He started his first hospitality bussiness in Siladen Island near Bunaken by running Onong Balekobong Cottages which is now owned by an Italian investor. Onong then moved up to the highlands of Minahasa and found a perfect place uphill of Kinilow Village in Tomohon to build up a resort which then named as Onong's Palace.
His love and passion to arts can easily be recognized from the ornaments and layout of the resort. Not just that, to satisfy his soul, he built up an artshop gallery (see above) and create art pieces using natural stones, bamboo, rattan and wood from broken boats, etc.

Bottom Line: Onong has managed to build up a "PALACE" where arts, nature and friendliness melt into one harmony and made it available for anyone visiting Tomohon to admire its beauty

Note: You are more than welcome to send Onong a private emailregarding the services at Onongs Palace, suggestions or any inputs that can improve the quality of Onong's Palace and Gecko Artshop. Please also write your impressions when staying at Onong's Palace or read other's at our Guestbook. Onong will read your email and message on the guestbook thoroughly and respond it at soonest time.